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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Tools > Hide Objects

Allows you to select one or more objects in the Main view and hide them. You can then use the Project Manager to re-display them.

  1. Use Edit > Select Filter to set up your object or element selection in the Main view.

  2. Click an object in the Main view. Press CTRL to select multiple objects.

    Because Smart Review automatically creates a display set for objects that are not already associated to a display set, you can see them in the Project Manager.

  3. Click Tools > Hide Objects.
    Right-click, and then select Hide Objects from the shortcut menu.

    Smart Review creates a display set for the object, and then hides the selected display set.

    You need to keep a record of the objects that you hide so that you can re-display them.

  4. Repeat for all objects to hide.

  5. To display the objects again, use the Project Manager to find each display set associated to the hidden objects. Select each display set to show.

    Right-click the display set in the Project Manager, and then click Show.