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You can break up relationship groups by removing Display Set animations as you require. Depending on the relationship group type, the Sequencer automatically re-orders the group based on the remaining Display Set animations.

Removing Display Set Animations in Serial Relationships

For serial relationships, the animation path position depends on the previous path animation path position. When an animation is removed, the Sequencer breaks the group into separate groups to include the remaining animations. The example below shows Display Set animations set in an End-To-Start relationship type.

If you remove the Left Beam 1 animation from the example, the Sequencer forms two End-To-Start relationship groups with the remaining animations.

Removing Display Set Animations in Parallel Relationships

In parallel relationship groups, the start or end of an animation depends on a common time. Removing an animation from the relationship group does not change the path position.

The example below shows a Start-To-Start relationship.

When you remove the Left Beam 1 animation from the group, the alignment of the group remains the same.

Remove a Display Set Animation

  1. In the Sequencer Tree View Pane, check only the Display Set animations to remove from a relationship group. Clear all other checkboxes.

    • You can remove animations from multiple relationship groups.

    • If no Display Set animation paths display, click Animation > Display Sets.

  2. Right-click to open a shortcut menu and select None.

    The Sequencer automatically changes the alignment based on the new relationship groups.

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