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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

For P&ID drawing files, the utility correlates 3D objects with the Name property in the 3D model data and the 2D objects with the ItemTag property or the item text label in the .pid files.

Notes and Considerations

  • Multiple objects with the same name can cause single or multiple 2D objects to correlate to multiple or single 3D objects.

  • Nozzle objects are not correlated.

  • Smart Plant P&ID can specify ItemTag values on 2D symbols and text labels.


  1. To run the correlator utility, go to [install drive]:\Program Files\SmartPlant\Review\Utilities\SPRCorrelator and select SPRCorrelator.exe.

  2. From the Auto-Attach Correlator dialog box, select the project file and the corresponding Smart 3D label data (.mdb2) file. An .svf project can have multiple .mdb2 files.

  3. Select the Attachments Database. By default, the utility displays the [project name]-Attachments.mdb attachments database in your selected project folder.

  4. In the Attachments Folder, select the folder containing the SmartPlant .pid drawing files.

  5. Absolute paths specifies how to store the folder paths in the external attachments database. Select the option to store paths as absolute paths. Otherwise, the utility stores the relative path between the project folder and the attachments folder in the external attachments database.

  6. Skip Criteria. The Criteria option applies only to .sha file correlation.

  7. Click Auto-Attach to run the process. The utility shows when the process finishes.

  8. From Smart Review, select 3D objects in the Main view, and then open their properties to see the attached drawing files. You can click on a drawing file attachment to open it in the Document View.

  9. With Document and Main views open, you can select an object and see the correlated section in the 2D drawing, and vice versa. You can select a P&ID drawing pipe run object and the software automatically selects all 3D model pipe run objects in the Main view.