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To use this functionality, you must install the Construction module.

The classic method to set clipping volume involves creating clipping volume annotations and then using the Activate Clipping Volume command to turn the display of the clipping volume on and off. The steps below show you how to create, place, and then turn clipping on and off.

  1. Click Tools > Volume Annotation > Edit.

  2. Click the Definition tab.

  3. Set the Type to clipping volume.

  4. Type a name for the clipping volume and click Apply.

  5. Click Place in the Edit Volume Annotation dialog box.

    The Edit Volume Annotation dialog box no longer displays.

  6. Click the object in the Main view with which you want to associate the clipping volume. If you do not select an object, the position of the annotation defaults to the center point of the Main view.

    Right-click to back up one step in the placement process.

  7. Click again to accept the object and its surface point.

    Smart Review positions the volume at the surface point of the object that you selected. A clipping volume wireframe box displays.

  8. Press ESC to accept the default location and size of the clipping volume box.

    The system displays the Edit Volume Annotation dialog box.

  9. In the Volumes section, select the clipping volume you just created, and click the Dimensions and Options tab. See Dimensions and Options Tab (Edit Volume Annotation Dialog Box).

  10. Use options in this tab to accurately set the location and size of the clipping volume box.

  11. Click Apply when you have finished.

  12. With the clipping volume still selected in the Volumes section, click Clip Volume. Only the objects contained in the clipping volume box display.

  13. Repeat steps 3-12 to create other clipping volumes.

  14. Click OK when you have finished.

  • To turn the clipping volume on and off, you can also click the Activate Clipping Volume button or click View > Display > Activate Clipping Volume.

  • To use the quick 3D volume clipping method, see Adjust a Clipping Volume.

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