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To use this functionality, you must install the Construction module.

The Volume Annotation command allows you to place certain types of geometry in a model. Volume annotations can be of three basic geometric types:

  • boxes

  • cylinders

  • spheres

Smart Review also provides three additional special types of volume annotations:

  • scaffolds (boxes)

  • field welds (cylinders)

  • clipping volumes (boxes)

Volume annotations are saved in the Smart Review project database. The original files are not modified and the Volume Annotation data does not flow back to the PDS database or software.

You can use volume annotations as a very powerful planning and tracking tool.

  • Scaffolds are frequently built, used, removed, and rebuilt as needed incurring considerable expense for a construction project. You can use Smart Review to track scaffolding and help the planners and workers visualize where the scaffolds are and when they can be used. Work requiring scaffolds can be planned around the scaffold being present to reduce the need and cost associated with building and rebuilding the same scaffold an excessive number of times. Using volume annotations to plan scaffolding work could result in considerable cost savings for a project. Work areas can be designated using boxes to indicate the size and importance of the work area.

  • Cylinders may be used as cylindrical scaffolding or may be used in other ways. Welds may be used to track field welds. Spheres may be used to designate work areas or for any other use where a spherical shape would be appropriate.

  • Clipping volumes let you isolate and view portions of a model. The clipping volume is a box that you can place anywhere inside a model just like the other volume annotation box shapes like scaffold and box. For more information, see Working with Clipping Volumes.

The following examples show cylinder, scaffold, and sphere volume annotations. Box and weld are just different categories for scaffold (box) and cylinder (weld) types. The types allow you to place, edit, delete, and manage different kinds of volume annotations.

You can use volume annotations to represent both temporary and permanent areas or objects in the model. Temporary items like construction scaffolds and construction parking lots may be placed in the model for construction work planning. Field welds can be identified and marked for tracking and testing purposes. Special security areas, work areas, or construction lay down yards can be identified using volume annotations.

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