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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Smart Review can attach and display data for an object, including documents, spreadsheets, text files, 2D drawings, MicroStation files, sounds, and animation. The Get External Data commands allow you to create an attachment by associating objects in a project to external information based on PDS label data. The Get External Data feature is similar to Tools > Data Annotation. However, unlike data annotations that display icons in the Main view, associated Get External Data applications result in entries on the Get External Data menu. You can add, edit, or delete these menu entries. Any changes that you make are written to the database file for your project.

Attachments Database

The Get External Data functionality queries tables in a database (.mdb) file to manage files and their associated applications. If the database cannot be found, you can browse for an existing file, You can also tell Get External Data to look for the database in another location by creating a text file named GetData.txt in the project folder and setting the second line to the path and filename of the database. The path can be a UNC path.

  • Attaching a file to a property value of one object automatically attaches the file to every object with the same property value.

  • Deleting a file that is attached to a property value of one object automatically deletes that attachment from every object containing that property.

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