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When you use the drag-and-drop method to move a display set along a path, you can use the Rotate operation to turn the display set as needed. When you rotate a display set, the rotation angles display in the status bar.

As you rotate a display set, you see that one of the three rotation angles (Plan (P), Front (F), or Side (S)), is locked or not changed. The locked angle is determined by your current view orientation. For example, when you turn on Animation > Lock By View, and the current view orientation is closest to a Plan (Top) or Bottom view, then the display set Plan rotational angle cannot be changed. Or, if your current view orientation is closest to a Front or Back view, then the Front rotational angle cannot be changed.

Turning on the view axis (View > Display > Axis > Activate) before rotating the display set lets you see which angle is going to be locked. The shortest view axis indicates the locked angle. The image below shows the view axis with East as the locked angle.

  1. Click Edit > Select Filter > Display Sets.

  2. Click on the display set in the Main view or the Project Manager to rotate.

    Smart Review highlights the display set to show it is selected.

  3. To make sure display set motion is enabled, click Motion > [Display Set Name].

  4. Press and hold the ALT key as you drag the mouse to rotate the display set.

  5. When you get to the required rotation, release the ALT key and the mouse.

  6. Click on the display set again if you want to continue moving it.

  7. Follow steps 4-6 for each time you need to rotate or change the display set orientation.

  • The display set rotation reference point is displayed during the drag operation.

  • The mouse cursor changes to the rotate mouse cursor .

  • If you hold down the ALT key before selecting the display set in the Main view, Smart Review pans the view.

  • If you select the display set and move the mouse BEFORE pressing the ALT key, the display set position is changed.

  • If the Mouse Drag Modes > Priority Mode option is on, then only one angle can be changed. If Priority Mode is off (default behavior), then two angles can be changed at the same time with a single mouse drag and drop operation.

  • If the Mouse Drag Modes > Center Mode option is on, the mouse drag distance is always measured from the center of the Main view window instead of the starting screen location of the drag and drop operation.