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Intergraph Smart Review Help

Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

View > Full Screen

Maximizes the current view layout across a single monitor or to the virtual desktop extent across multiple monitors. Use F11 to toggle between full-screen mode and regular view. Use Alt + Tab to switch to another application.

This command retains the show/hide and window positioning information of the Full Screen toolbar. You can hide the Full Screen toolbar by default by dismissing it the first time it appears in full-screen mode.  You can use the Alt + V then Alt + E key sequence to display or hide the menu bar in full screen mode, but placing the mouse at the top of the screen does not display the menu bar.

  • Full-screen mode expands the application window to occupy the entire monitor screen. The Main, Plan, Elevation, and Text view windows are not resized unless they are maximized to occupy the entire application window.

  • If you have a dual monitor system, full-screen mode uses both monitors. Turning Full Screen off causes Smart Review to revert to the previous display layout on the dual monitor system.

  • The menu bar, the toolbars, and Project Manager are hidden when full-screen mode is activated.

  • You can also activate full screen mode by clicking the button on the Views toolbar.