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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

By assigning material properties to model objects, you can create photo-realistic renderings with color and surface characteristics that match the real-world materials of the finished product. Smart Review provides some sample material palette files, or you can create your own materials interactively. You can also edit the palette files from Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher.

You can preview the effect of several material properties including diffuse and specular colors, normal and ambient reflectivity, transmittance, and refraction. In addition, you can preview the effect of pattern maps without having to render an actual image. You can choose a pattern, apply it to a material, and assign it to an element in the model.

As you make material assignments, Smart Review creates a material table file for your three-dimensional model. The material table contains all the information about the colors, surface characteristics, and patterns assigned to model elements. The material table file is given the model filename with a .mat extension. For example, the model file xyz.dgn is given a material table file named xyz.mat. For more information, see Default Material Palette.

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