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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

Edit > Search
Project Manager > Search
System and Assembly Breakdown Structure > Search

Allows you to search for items in the Main view or in conjunction with Project Manager, System Breakdown Structure, and Assembly Breakdown Structure to locate specific items. When you type a search criteria, the software matches any part of the entered criteria. The search criteria is not case sensitive. You can keep Search open and dock it anywhere on the Main view.

General Search

  1. From the Main view, click Edit > Search.

    The Search dialog box displays. For more information, see Search Dialog Box.

  2. (Optional) To narrow your search, select Edit > Select Filter, and then select the item type (Element, Object, Linked Object, or Display Set). Otherwise, the software uses the default Object as the search criteria.

  3. Type in a name or part of the name, and then click Select .
    For an exact match, enclose the name in parentheses, such as "Nozzle".

    Smart Review lists the number of matched items under Search Criteria and highlights located objects in the Main view.

    Press ESC at any time to stop the search. The software displays any items found up to that point.

  4. Click Clear to remove the items matching the search criteria.

The items being searched are determined by the current "context". The current search context is indicated in the title bar of the "Search" control.

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