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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Motion > Positioning Modes > Vertical Encircle

Restricts the movement of the view cone eye point to a blue circular track that displays in the Plan and Elevation views. The track is placed in a green sphere that also displays in the two views. In the Vertical Encircle mode, the blue track is locked to the center point of the Plan view. The track is always perpendicular to the Plan view.

The eye point always looks toward the center point, the green cross, of the sphere. You can define the current center point location using the Position Control toolbar or the View > Settings > View Cone tab, or the View > Place > Center Point Only command. Changing the location of the track in the Plan view changes the direction of the view cone. You can use the Encircle Radius toolbar to change the radius of the green sphere.

  1. Click Motion > Positioning Modes > Vertical Encircle.

  2. Set or adjust the center point.

    Set Center Point

  3. Adjust the eye point (the blue track in the Plan and Elevation views).

    Set Eye Point

  4. Select a motion type from the Motion > Move menu.

  • You can use the Bearing and Elevation controls on the Position Control > View tab to rotate around either the center point or the eye point. Rotating around the center point is the default. To rotate around the eye point, press Ctrl while using these controls.

  • You can maintain your current encircle clipping plane settings when you switch from any of the encircle positioning modes back to the lateral positioning mode by turning on the Motion > Positioning Modes > Maintain Encircle Clipping command.

  • You can maintain your current lateral clipping plane settings when you switch from the lateral positioning mode to any of the encircle positioning modes by turning off the Motion > Positioning Modes > Clip to Encircle Sphere command.

  • You also can use the Home key to cycle through the encircle modes without losing your clipping plane settings. The End key cycles through the directional modes.

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