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2020 (15.0)

When you open a 3D model file, Smart Review automatically generates a .vue file and all required database files, thus creating a project in Smart Review. The Intergraph-standard formats supported by Smart Review are .vue, .svf, and .zvf. You can open .vue files from Smart 3D, PDS, and Smart Interop Publisher. Smart Review also reads and creates .vue files from .dri, and .dgn files types.

You can use Smart Interop Publisher to convert MicroStation, AutoCAD, mechanical, and PDMS projects for viewing in Smart Review. Smart Interop Publisher can read and create .vue files from a wide variety of data sources ranging from Intergraph 3D applications such as Smart 3D and CAESAR II, to third-party applications such as PDMS and MicroStation. For more information, see the "Supported Data Sources" section in the Smart Interop Publisher User's Guide.

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