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Comments provide a means of communication between the people who design a plant and the people who construct a plant. Comments are labels that provide information such as the name of a piece of equipment, its location, its type or classification, or general comments made during a walk-through of the design. Comments can be placed, reviewed, and updated by different teams to help coordinate model design and review efforts.

You can place comments with or without leader lines, edit comments, and delete comments. You can search for a comment by entering text that displays in the comment label or go directly to a comment by entering its number. The Comments Reviewer allows you to see a list of all comments placed in the current model.

Comments can be imported and exported to and from an ASCII .tag file. Other Intergraph applications use this file so other users and teams can review, update, and add comments. All modifications are written to the same ASCII file. You can then import the modified ASCII file back into Smart Review to see the added or modified comments.

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