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Intergraph Smart Review Help

Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

As you work, Smart Review provides the following information resources:

  • Context-sensitive help to find out about options or views you using. To access context-sensitive help, open the dialog box, or click in an area or view, and then press F1. The related topic displays.

  • The installation and user guides are provided on the PPM documentation website. To access them, go to Home > Help > Printable Guides and select the links.

Search for information

  • From the delivered product Help, you can use the global Search feature to look through the entire Help file for specific content. From the Help page, click Search and then enter text for the search content.

  • When you are in a Help topic, press CTRL+F to use the Topic Search for finding specific text contained in that topic. The software highlights the located text.