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2020 (15.0)

Acts as a toggle, allowing you to control when changes made in Project Manager are rendered in the view. When on, changes (such as turning display sets on and off) are immediately made in the view. However, because view updates can be time-consuming, turning off the Immediate Update Mode allows you to make multiple changes and then update the view at one time.

  • Select the model name (parent node) in the Project Manager tree view, and then right-click to select Immediate Update Mode. This option is enabled by default.

When the Immediate Update Mode is off, an Update button displays above the project tree and becomes active when you make your first change in Project Manager. You can click this button any time after you make a change to update the view and commit the changes to the database.

Click Update before turning Immediate Update Mode back on. If you toggle the mode back on while the Update button is active, all uncommitted changes are lost.

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