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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

No matter which add-in modules you have installed, you can use a joystick to navigate in the model after completing the following steps:

  1. Install the Microsoft DirectX API interface if you are using Windows 2000.

  2. Install the joystick and its driver.

  3. Configure and calibrate the joystick.

  4. Activate the joystick in Smart Review.

Motion Types

Discrete Motion - Allows movement without a button press, much like movement using the keypad.

  • No buttons pushed: Forward, Backward, Left, Right mode

  • Button 1: Rotate mode

  • Button 2: Pan mode

Relative Motion - Works similarly to the mouse drag modes in that the joystick does not engage a motion mode until a button is pressed.

  • Button 1: Forward, Backward, Left, Right mode

  • Button 2: Rotate mode

  • Button 3: Pan mode

  • By default, dynamic motion updates an entire view before moving to the next one. You cannot control motion effectively on some large models because the update time is too long. For these large models, the Clip far option on the Motion Settings > Display tab can be very useful. When enabled, this option sets the far clipping plane to the specified value (if this value is smaller than the current far clipping setting). By using this setting, you can reduce the amount of graphics being drawn, decreasing the update time while allowing you to see all graphics that are near the eye point.

  • For best performance, enable textures only on computers that have hardware texturing support. You can set the global settings for texture display on the Display tab of the View Settings dialog box. When enabled, this option allows textures to display during dynamics if Allow all texturing is already enabled on the Motion Settings > Display tab.

  • When you are using relative joystick mode, position the cursor outside the Main view. If the cursor remains on the Main view, SmartPlant Review will receive input as if the mouse were driving the motion, which may cause unexpectedly jumpy behavior.

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