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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Display Sets > Assign Material
Project Manager > Display Sets > Assign Material

Displays the Assign Material to Display Set dialog box, allowing you to quickly assign material in a palette file to elements in one or more selected display sets. You can select materials from multiple palette files and preview their display characteristics before assigning them to the display set.

The following conditions must be met to assign materials to a three dimensional model:

  • The material definitions in palette files that you want to assign to the model must already be created. The files must be in a folder that you can access from Smart Review.

  • When you assign a material to a model surface, that material is applied to every model element that is in that display set. If an element is a member of more than one display set with different display properties, the element is displayed using the properties assigned to the display set with the lowest ID number.

  1. Highlight or select one or more display sets or display set folders in the Project Manager. You must select a display set in Project Manager before this command becomes available.

    Use SHIFT+ or CTRL+ keys to select multiple display sets or folders.

    Display or Hide Project Manager

  2. Click Display Sets > Assign Material.
    Right-click in the Project Manager and select Edit > Display Set > Material Assignment.

    Assign Material to Display Set Dialog Box

  3. Select a palette file and then the material name that you want to use. Click OK to assign that material to the selected display set(s). If you selected one or more display set folders, every display set in each folder is assigned to the material you just selected. Any previous display set material assignments are overwritten.