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Relationship mapping hierarchy:

The contents of the tree view are taken from the selected P3DComponent.xml and RelationshipMapping.txt files. The text box at the top is read-only and shows the path taken to get to the currently-selected node. The label data is organized in two basic nodes: Mapped Labels and Unmapped Labels.

Mapped Labels

This node is organized in a Relationship > Component > Label name hierarchy. The Name, Component, and Description labels are common to all label relationships.

Unmapped Labels

This node lists the labels that have not been mapped in the RelationshipMapping.txt file. The component name enclosed in parentheses beside each unmapped label is the name that needs to be added to the RelationshipMapping.txt file.

Additionally, a label name can have multiple components that can be used for the relationship mapping. By default, all labels are checked and listed in the Select label to display list view.

To map a label so that you can see it in the tree view hierarchy, you must edit the RelationshipMapping.txt file. You can then re-open the Label Selector to see the added label in the Mapped Labels node of the tree view. For steps on how to add an example unmapped label, see Map a Label Using the RelationshipMapping.txt File.

Visual Cues:

  • In addition to the Name, Component, and Description labels, there are other label names that are common to several relationships and components which are denoted by an asterisk (*). In the Mapped Labels node, these label names are organized under the corresponding Relationship/Component branches. In the Unmapped Labels node, label names and the components that can be associated to them are shown in parentheses.

  • The horizontal line separates the common label names from the Components under each of the Relationship nodes in the tree view.

  • A filled-in checkbox beside a Relationship or Component node indicates that it contains one or more labels that have been selected for display.

Find label

Type in the name or part of a name of the label you want to find. Keep in mind that a label can reside under one or more nodes/branches in the tree view. Wildcard character values are not supported. Use Match case and Whole word to further refine your search.


Locates the next occurrence of the search text going down the tree view.


Locates the previous occurrence of the search text going back up the tree view.

Check All

Automatically checks all occurrences of the search text and places the labels in the Selected label to display view.

Uncheck All

Automatically unchecks all occurrences of the search text in the Labels tree view and removes them from the Selected label to display view.

Schema file name

Specifies the P3DComponent.xml file. Select the XML file used by your Smart 3D session file.

Relationship mapping file name

Select the RelationshipMapping.txt file

Optional input template file

Allows you to load an existing SPRSP3dLabels.bin file.

  • You may have only one label template file per project and the file must be named SPRSP3dLabels.bin.

  • You must re-create the label database (re-open or re-publish the project) each time you want to change the set of labels available in the published project.

File output directory

Specifies the location for the label template file. This default path points to the same folder where the SmartPlant Review executable is located. If an SPRSP3dLabels.bin file is not available, all Smart 3D label data is added to the label database as if all labels were checked.

Select label to display:

Displays the labels that you have checked in the tree view that will be added to the label database. Click the arrow in the column header to sort this list alphabetically, either ascending or descending. In this list, you can clear the labels not required in the label database, and they are automatically removed from the list.


Saves the specified list of labels to the label template file (SPRSP3dLabels.bin), which is then used by SmartPlant Review and SmartPlant Review Publisher to add the selected label data to the label database (.mdb2) during the publishing process.