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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

Tools > Measure > Surface
Tablet Mode > Measure

Measures from any point on a piece of geometry. Surface points can be any point on any piece of geometry in shaded mode, not including background points. While they work well for quick measurements between two or more objects, surface point measurements are difficult to repeat precisely because they can be at any point on a given surface.

  1. Click the application icon, and then select Surface Measurement.
    Right-click and select Surface Measurement.

    You can also press Ctrl + F8 to enable the command.

  2. Select any two points on the model representing the distance you want to measure. You can select multiple points on the model and the distance is always measured between the last two points.

  3. Click Tools > Measure > Surface.

  4. Click the first point on the model.

    Placing 3D Points

  5. Select the Surface command again, and then click the second point on the model. When measuring a distance, you must access the Surface command twice because it takes two selection points to define the distance to be measured.

  6. Continue to click on objects or areas for additional end points. The example below shows measurement when a second object has been selected.

  7. Double right-click to exit the command before selecting the next surface point.

  • Surface measurement allows you to select any surface point on any object.

  • Because measurements occur for every single selection point, you can use Tools > Measure > Edit Collection to delete any unnecessary measurements. You can also use this command to customize all measurement symbology for lines, text, formats, range boxes, and snaplock points.

  • The measurement is saved in the active collection.

  • The linear distance and cumulative distance display in the Text window.

  • When working with point cloud data, surface measurements measure between model points and vector points in the point cloud.

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