Insert a Link in a Comment - Intergraph Smart Review - Help

Intergraph Smart Review Help

Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

From the Text window, you can insert links into a comment to open a document, a website, or applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Open the Main and Text windows.

  2. Use the Comments Reviewer (Comments > Reviewer ) or Go To to display a specific comment number.

    When you go to the selected comment number, Smart Review displays the view associated to the comment.

  3. Click Comments > Edit .

    The software displays the Edit Comments dialog box.

  4. In the Text box, type a URL address (such as to access a valid website, or open a document (file:///[drive]:\[folder name]\[file name]).

  5. Click Apply or OK to save your edits.

    The software updates the Text window display the next time you select the comment. The example below shows the Text window display for a comment containing hyperlinks to the Intergraph website and to a readme file.