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Comments > Previous

Moves to the comment number preceding the active comment. If the active comment number is the lowest-numbered comment in the list, the previous comment number is the highest-numbered comment in the list. For more information, see View Previous Comment. You can also click Previous Comment on the Tools MiniBar, press CTRL + F10, or click comment rows in the Comments Reviewer (Comments > Review).

  • If the message Comment display is currently off displays, the actual comments do not display in the design. To display the comments, click Comments > Display > All.

  • When you select a comment to display, the view settings associated with that comment become active. These view settings saved with a comment are the levels, the eye and center point locations, and the clipping planes.

  • If the Find Comments Results toggle is on, the comment list consists of only those comments that meet the current search criteria.

  • If the Allow fly-to behaviors option is selected as a motion setting (see Motion menu > Settings > Display tab), you can press CTRL + F10 a second time to immediately jump to the next comment instead of going through fly mode.

  • Press ESC to cancel the current move operation. You are then automatically taken to the last preceding comment.

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