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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)
  1. Open the Plan View or Elevation View windows to see the current View Cone.

  2. Click View > Settings > View, and then click the View Cone tab.

  3. Move the slider to set the Perspective in degrees from 2 to 160, and then click Apply to see the change.

    The software adjusts the Main view display based on the new perspective angle.

  4. Select Dashed to display the view cone as dashed lines.

  • You can also display the view cone as dashed lines by clicking View > Display > Dashed View Cone.

  • Set the view cone perspective by typing a value in the box next to the slider on the view cone tab or by clicking View > Display > Perspective Angle.

  • Set the perspective angle interactively by dragging the view cone sides with the mouse toward or away from the view cone eye point. You can right-click or press ESC to cancel the perspective angle adjustment without saving the changes. Any changes to the perspective angle made in this manner can be reversed using the Edit > Undo command.