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Use the Save As SmartPlant Review Command in Smart 3D:

The following information summarizes the key pieces used in this Smart 3D-to-Smart Review publishing process.

Exported VUE and XML Files - Smart 3D applications allow you to create a 3D Model Data component. You can then export the component to generate .vue and .xml files for Smart Review. The .vue file contains the graphic object data, and the .xml file contains the property data from the 3D Model Data component. For more information on setting up and exporting a 3D Model Data component, see Setup a 3D Model Data component in the Intergraph Smartâ„¢ 3D Integration Guide. The Integration Guide also provides the Schema Mapping section which contains mapping information, rules, and limitations on how the software correlates 3D model data to label data in Smart Review.

  • P3DComponent.xml and SP3DPublishMap.xml - These files are used to generate XML data for a 3D model during the export process. They contain the Smart 3D schema and the mapping relations between SmartPlant 3D objects, such as classes and interfaces, and the Smart Review labels.

    The P3DComponent.xml file is derived from the SmartPlant schema and is delivered with both Smart 3D and Smart Review applications. The P3DComponent.xml must be on the Smart 3D software that is publishing the data. Smart 3D uses this input schema file to generate the [3D Model Data Component Name].xml.

  • Smart Review and SmartPlant Review Publisher also deliver a copy of the P3DComponent.xml file that is installed in the product installation folder. This copy allows Smart Review to build the label database (.mdb2) file for the Smart 3D sample files.

  • When opening the generated .vue file in Smart Review, select the P3DComponent.xml file that was used for the export process.

MapClassIDToLevelDisciplines.txt - Contains the Smart 3D class ID-to-Smart Review Discipline and Level mapping. It is used to obtain the Smart Review discipline and level information for the graphic objects when the graphic (.vue) file is being created. This file contains the mapping relations between Smart 3D classes and Smart Review disciplines. Edit this file if you need to add an additional class in your 3D model data.

RelationshipMapping.txt - This file is used to organize, filter, and map Smart 3D components and relationships of label data in Smart Review. You may need to edit this file if you are not seeing certain labels in Smart Review. See Troubleshoot Label Display Problems for cases where a Smart 3D class defined in the P3DComponent.xml file does not display in Smart Review.

SmartPlant 3D Label Selector Utility and the SPRSP3dLabels.bin - SPRSP3dLabels.bin is a label template file that is generated only by the Label Selector utility when you define the Smart 3D properties that you want displayed in Smart Review as label data. In Smart Review, label data displays in the Text window during Auto-Highlight functions and can be used as standard label data when creating display sets or using the Smart Review Find Object command. Smart Review and SmartPlant Review Publisher deliver an SPRSP3dLabels.bin file to support the sample model data. Use the Label Selector utility to generate an SPRSP3dLabels.bin file in a separate folder that is specific to your dataset.

Use SPRDirect:

SPRDirect provides a Smart Review spreadsheet report type that contains labels used to generate the attribute information for Smart Review. This allows you to publish Smart 3D data and reference 3D objects to graphic (.vue) files and label data (.mdb2) files. When you use SPRDirect, you do not have to use the Label Selector utility. With SPRDirect, attributes (custom and standard) for Smart 3D are set up in the Smart 3D application and generated in the MDB2 database file. For more information about using SPRDirect in Smart 3D, see Using SPRDirect in the Integration Guide.