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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Smart Review supports single and multi-touch gestures so that you do not have to use your mouse or keyboard to navigate through the model. Multi-touch gestures enable Fly mode navigation as well as the ability to change views. The table below lists and describes all supported single and multi-touch gestures.

The Zoom, Pan, and Rotate operations are synchronized. You can perform all three at the same time.



Go to the Home view

Double-tap with two fingers to bring back the home view of the model.

Select an object

Tap the object.

To select multiple objects:

Press and hold the CTRL key as you tap each object.


Double-tap the first object to start multiple selection, and then single-tap each subsequent object to include in the selection. To end multiple selection, double-tap anywhere in the Main view.

Open a shortcut menu (when not in Fly mode)

Press one finger, and then lift it off the screen to display a shortcut menu.

Pan (Left/ Right/ Up/ Down)

Drag one finger from side to side, or up and down to pan the view.

Rotate - any direction

Drag two fingers in any direction to rotate the model view. You can move in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction to rotate the model about the center of the main view.

Rotate - Y axis only

Using one finger as an anchor, drag the other finger to move in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction to rotate the view about the Y axis.

Zoom in

Place your fingertips close together around the focus area, and then spread the fingertips apart.

Zoom out

Place your fingertips apart around the focus area, and then pinch or bring the fingertips close together.

Fly Mode

Enter Fly mode

Tap Fly mode on the 3D Navigator to start the Fly mode operation. Your cursor changes to a crosshair located at the center of your view to indicate that you are in Fly mode.

Move forward, left, or right in Fly mode

Press and hold two fingers, and then drag to move into the model. Drag one finger up, down, left, or right to move in that direction.

Move backward in Fly mode

As you are moving around in Fly mode, lift one finger to move backward.

Exit Fly mode

Press and hold one finger, and then lift it. Your normal cursor then displays and not the crosshair.

Views - Using three fingers, tap each of the screen locations shown in the illustration below to change the model view.