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Navigation speed is too fast or too slow.

Increase or decrease dynamic motion speed.

Rates Tab (Motion Settings Dialog Box)

Joystick Tab (Motion Settings Dialog Box)

When using keypad motion, movement does not occur.

Make sure Num Lock is turned on and that the focus is on the Main, Plan, or Elevation view (the title bar displays which view has focus). Check motion settings.

Configure Basic Motion Settings

Keypad and drag-and-drop display set movement not working.

To make sure display set motion is enabled, click Motion > [Display Set Name].

Set Motion Control for Display Sets

When using mouse motion, movement continues after releasing left mouse button.

Click the left mouse button in the Main view to stop the motion.

Use Mouse Drag Modes

Use the Keyboard

When using keypad motion, movement still continues after releasing keypad keys.

Turn off continuous motion.

Move Continuously

Rotate does not work when using the Alt key.

Mouse drag mode behaviors vary depending on the current state of several motion settings. Combinations of the motion settings can produce many different control behaviors. For example, when using the Alt key to enter the temporary rotate mouse drag mode, rotate might not work in the following situations:

When the Motion > Positional Modes > Lateral is active, then Alt + Mouse Drag attempts to rotate the center point about the eye point. If the Motion > Mouse Drag Modes > Lock Center Point option is checked, then no rotation occurs because the center point cannot be moved when locked.

When the Motion > Settings > Rates > Rotate in degrees value has been set to 0. Change this value to be greater than or equal to .1 degrees.

When the Alt key is being captured by the operating system for other purposes (Alt is a menu accelerator key in Windows). Use the Motion > Mouse Drag Modes > Rotate command instead of the Alt key.