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In an .svf project, you can compare properties for any selected graphic objects that are in two .vue files: an old and then a more recent version of the same model or model section. An .svf project file for comparison is also used for Find Differences, which generates display sets so that you can see readily see changes in the Main view.

  1. Open the .svf project containing the compared .vue files. For more information, see Create the .svf project for comparison.

  2. Select an object in the model, and then select View > Controls > Properties.
    Right-click to open a context menu, and then select Properties as shown in the example below.

    You can also use the key combination ALT+7, or click Properties in the common toolbar.

  3. Click Show Property Differences .

    The grid changes to show properties and property values that are different between the new and older versions of the .vue file contained in the .svf project. The example below shows properties that have been changed for the selected object in the old and most recent .vue files contained in the example .svf project.

    The following material text colors represent each possible status of the property label and property values:

    Material Name

    Text Color







    Properties New (shows property label and value changes)


    The software uses these same materials on generated display sets for Find Differences. You can change the material color by using Tools > Materials > Edit Materials. The default materials in each display set are delivered in SPRDefault.pal in the application installation folder.

  4. Use Show to toggle the display of label properties between showing all or showing just the differences.

  5. Click Show Property Differences to remove the comparison grid.

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