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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Launch Smart Review and view data from the SPF Desktop Client using the following three modes.

Make sure you have configured your SPF server and registered Smart Review as a client. See Configure for Server Connection.

By Project

Select a project in SmartPlant Foundation and click the View in Smart Review command to stream the entire project to Smart Review.

If there is a pre-existing project settings database for the incoming model data, then Smart Review recalls the last saved view and requests data only for that view.

By Object

Select an object in a project in SmartPlant Foundation, and then click the View in Smart Review command. SmartPlant Foundation streams only the selected object to Smart Review, which fits that object to the Main view.

From within SmartPlant Foundation Viewer

Arrange a view of selected project data in SmartPlant Foundation Viewer, and then click Smart Review. SmartPlant Foundation streams only the selected data to Smart Review, which then fits it to the Main view.

  • To maximize system performance when streaming data to Smart Review, especially for larger models, use one of the first two modes above. Using the third mode taxes the system because two separate viewers are running and possibly even two streams of data are being requested from the server at the same time (if the SmartPlant Foundation Viewer has not finished streaming).

  • For details about using Smart Review in the streaming modes discussed above, see Review a 3D Model in Streaming Mode.