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Animation > Player

Provides controls for playing back your animation project and recording animations to either a static image or an AVI file. An animation project consists of animations created and available in the current playback or time block. Animation project settings are defined using the Animation > Settings dialog box. For more information, see Define Animation Playback and Capture Settings.

The Animation Player can be toggled on and off from the following locations:

  • Shortcut keys: ALT + 8

  • Animation Toolbar: View > Toolbars > Animation

Animation Player commands can also be accessed from the Animation menu and from the Animation Sequencer. For more information on Sequencer commands, see Learn about the Animation Sequencer Interface.

Even if there are no animations in your project, the Animation menu commands and the Animation Player are always enabled if the End date is greater than the Start date in the Common Playback/Capture Settings dialog box. For more information on common settings, see Common Playback/Capture Settings.


The Animation Player has a transparent background and can fade in and out depending on where you have your cursor. If you move the cursor close to the location of the animation player, it comes into full view. The Animation Player does not fade away when it is paused or playing an animation.

Status Bar Information

The current animation state, time, and frame information displays in the Smart Review status bar.

Timestamp Display

You can set a timestamp to display on the Main view showing the time information for the animations being played. The timestamp is captured when you create an AVI or a snapshot for the animations. For more information, see Display Timestamp.

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