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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Customizes the Main, Plan, and Elevation views. All display settings are stored to the project database and are maintained when exiting and entering the project. This dialog box displays when you click View > Settings.

The default settings allow for a rapid display at a lower stroking resolution. However, the View Settings dialog box contains several tabs that offer options that affect speed and display quality. You can use these options to choose between a more rapid update with a lower display quality and a slower update with a higher display quality. This choice is similar to that offered on printers with draft quality and letter quality printing.

For faster updates, use the following settings:

  • On the Advanced tab, enter 16 in the Stroking tolerance from 4 to 100 box.

  • Check Activate on the Range Reject tab.

  • Select the Single layout on the Window > View Layout menu to save rendering time for the other panes.

  • For the highest quality updates, enter 100 in the Stroking tolerance from 4 to 100 box.