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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Before you create your animations, static images, and videos (.avi files), review the following tips:

  • Set the performance slider to High quality. For more information, see Set Motion and Display Performance.

  • Remove any extraneous objects from the view.

  • Create smaller .vue files by using the Reduce VUE File Geometry setting when opening a model file for the first time. For more information, see Options Tab (Create Project Dialog Box).

  • Create single snapshots in the .png format, and then use a third party video applications to combine the snapshots into an uncompressed .avi output.

  • Increase the Anti-alias (4 is the maximum) and Scale (2 or 4, is possible) settings for each snapshot. For more information, see Snapshot View Dialog Box.

  • Use the Photo-realism Renderer which supports higher quality video and shadows. For more information, see Raytrace and Render Model Objects.

  • To reduce surface flicker, remove (hide) duplicate objects that have different colors. For more information, see Hide Objects.

  • To reduce color flicker, assign the same color materials to objects with coincident surfaces. For more information, see Assign Materials.

  • To avoid or remove melting graphics at specific viewpoints, set the near clipping at those viewpoints as far forward of the eye point as possible without clipping the model in the view. For more information, see Set Clipping Planes.

  • Use textures to provide a more realistic visual effect. Create display sets of graphics and apply materials with textures.

  • Using multiple lights with different colors that may or may not cast shadows can really improve the realism of the rendering. However, they will increase the rendering time also.

  • Hide unnecessary model elements to improve performance. For example, If you are doing a high level fly navigation around a model, you can hide small elements using display sets. You can also create display sets of objects that are obscured (inside a building or a ship hull) and hide them.