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The Sequencer automatically positions Display Set animation paths when you create a relationship group, depending on their relationship type. For more information on relationship types, see Define Display Set Animation Dependencies.

You cannot add Display Set animations containing just one path point in a relationship group. Currently you cannot set up a dependency with a single point Display Set animation.

  1. Create your animations, and then click Animation > Sequencer (ALT + Q).

  2. In the Tree View pane, check each of the Display Set animations to group into a relationship.

    • If no Display Set animation paths display, click Animation > Display Sets.

    • You can only set up relationship groups from the Tree View pane.

    • To select consecutive Display Set animations, click the first Display Set animation holding down the SHIFT key, and then click the last Display Set animation.

    • Although you can select them in the Tree View pane, single point Display Set animations are not supported in a relationship group.

  3. Right-click to open a shortcut menu and select the relationship type to use.

    The Animation Sequencer creates the relationship group and aligns the animation paths based on the relationship type.

    The figure below shows the Main tower and Tank 301 animations assigned to an End-To-Start relationship.

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