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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Acts as a toggle, allowing you to display the Project Manager window as an undocked window (default) or as a docked toolbar. You access this command by right-clicking anywhere in Project Manager and selecting Dockable from the shortcut menu.

Smart Review remembers this setting when you exit the application. If you are using Project Manager as an undocked window, the Arrange All command does not affect its position.

  1. If Project Manager is not docked, click the title bar and drag the window to the new location.

  2. If Project Manager is docked, click the toolbar handle and drag the window to the new location.

  • When using a dual-monitor configuration, do all resizing of the Project Manager window on the primary monitor and then position the window on the secondary monitor as needed.

  • Be sure to size the Project Manager window the way you want it before you dock it. You cannot resize the window after you have docked it.

  • You can double-click the title bar (when undocked) or gray bar (when docked) at the top of the Project Manager window to dock and undock it.

  • To display the window, click View > Project Manager. If Project Manager is hidden when you close the software, Project Manager does not appear the next time that you open the software.