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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

View > Tablet Mode

Tablet Mode presents a simplified view of Smart Review with commonly used commands for navigation and model object analysis. Tablet Mode also bridges the gap between touch and conventional mouse and keyboard usage. You see a full-screen view with commands adjusted for touch input, but you can still use your keyboard and mouse.

  1. Select View > Tablet Mode .
    From the Standard toolbar, click Tablet Mode .

  2. Use your mouse or tap to select an object in the model. To select multiple objects:

    • Press and hold the CTRL key as you tap each object.


    • Double-tap the first object to start multiple selection, and then single-tap each subsequent object to include in the selection. To end multiple selection, double-tap anywhere in the Main view.

  3. Tap Expand to see a list of additional commands.

  4. To move the model, drag your finger to pan the model display left/right/up/down.

  5. With two fingers, drag the model to turn and rotate. Pinch in areas to zoom in, or spread to zoom out.

  6. From your current position in the model display, use the navigation controls to quickly change the view to a top-down (2D) display, or change to a forward-facing view. Navigation controls also provide the forward, backward, and rotate motions.

    For more information, see Navigation (Tablet Mode).

  7. Use the commands in Settings to change the general model display. For more information, see Define Settings and Server Connections.

  8. Press and hold to access a shortcut menu containing additional commands.

  9. To return to Classic mode, turn off Tablet Mode in the expanded command list. When you exit Smart Review from Tablet Mode, Smart Review opens in Tablet Mode the next time you start a session.

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