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2020 (15.0)

Represents user-defined key points that define a Key Frame and Display Set animation path.

  • For a Display Set animation path, animation points capture all state changes at a specified instance in time. Possible state changes include the discrete spatial (X/Y/Z) location, display set position, visibility, shading, brightness, and material assignment. A Display Set animation must contain at least two points. inserts transitional or interpolated points between each animation point. The number of interpolated points defines the smoothness of path objects from one animation point to the next. You can modify the position of a selected animation point as well as delete selected points. You can change any state or time of an existing point to change the animation path. Use the Element selection filter, and then click on an animation point. Right-click on the point and select Properties to see information such as the display set name and the time associated to the point.

  • Key Frame animation points correspond to each saved frame in a view group.To see the frames, open the Save and Recall Views dialog box and select the view group defined for the animation. The point numbers are always contiguous and increment as time moves forward.

A ScheduleReview animation only has Start and Finish dates with no animation points. A ScheduleReview animation is read only in the Animation Sequencer.