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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)
  1. Click Tools > Collision Detection > Edit Collision Sets.

  2. Click the Type Filter tab.

  3. In the Collision set name box, select a name.
    Edit the Default Collision Set.

  4. Click the Selection tab.

  5. Under Object, select the type of object that you would like to include in the collision detection process.

    • To locate collisions on a single graphic element or object, click Single graphic element, and then click Select to pick the object in the main view.

    • To locate all collisions in a specific area, click Stationary collisions in selected range cube.

    • Smart Review uses the selected object or display sets when you run collision detection using a custom collision set, regardless of what you have selected in the Main view.

  6. Under Range cube, select either Entire model or Range cube.

    To define a specific area for collision detection, select Range cube.

  7. If you selected Range cube, type coordinates under Minimum range and Maximum range. Each range is bounded by East (x- axis), North (y-axis), and Elevation (z-axis) coordinates.

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