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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Specifies dependencies between Display Set animations to determine the playback start and end time. Dependencies are the relationships among Display Set animations that determine the order in which the software plays the animations.

You create a relationship group when you select two or more Display Set animations to connect. When you create a relationship group, you assign the group a relationship type. The Animation Sequencer supports the following relationship types:

  • Start-To-Start

  • End-To-Start

  • Start-To-End

  • End-To-End

The Start-To-Start and End-To-End relationship types are also referred to as parallel relationship types. Serial relationship types are Start-To-End and End-To-Start. For more information, see Relationship Type Description.

Ungrouped or independent Display Set animations are those that are not in a relationship group.

Capabilities provided by the Sequencer to support this key feature include:

  • Selecting multiple, consecutive Display Set animations using the SHIFT key.

  • Changing the start time, end time, and duration of Display Set animations in a relationship group to automatically change all related Display Set animations. For example, when you move a Display Set to a different start date, the Animation Sequencer dynamically updates and changes any related or dependent Display Set animations.

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