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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)



Select an object

Tap the object.

To select multiple objects:

Press and hold the CTRL key as you tap each object.


Double-tap the first object to start multiple selection, and then single-tap each subsequent object to include in the selection. To end multiple selection, double-tap anywhere in the Main view.

Glide or scroll

Use one finger to swipe across/up/down the touch screen to smoothly scroll the model view. The speed and direction of the swipe motion determines the direction and speed at which the view scrolls. To stop the auto scrolling at any time, tap the screen.

Go to the Home view

Double-tap with two fingers to bring back the home view of the model.
Double-tap the Compass navigation control.
Tap Home in the Tablet mode menu.

Move forward, left, or right

Press and hold two fingers to move forward. To move right or left, drag your two fingers in that direction.

To move back, lift one finger and then drag left or right to move back in that direction.

Move backward

After moving forward, lift one finger to move backward.

Open a shortcut menu

Press and hold one finger, and then lift it off the screen to display a shortcut menu.

Pan (Left/ Right/ Up/ Down)

Drag one finger from side to side, or up and down to pan the view.

Rotate (model view)

Drag two fingers to rotate or tilt the model view left, right, up, and down about the center point of the view. If you have the two fingertip points too far apart, the software pans the view.

Rotate with anchor point

Rotate two fingers to rotate the model view around the anchor point between the two fingertips.

Zoom in

Place your fingertips close together around the focus point, and then spread the fingertips apart.

Zoom out

Place your fingertips apart around the focus point, and then pinch or bring the fingertips close together.

For both zoom in and out operations, the point between the two fingertips is the focus of the zoom.