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2020 (15.0)

Tools > X-Ray Mode

Displays non-selected objects in a semi-transparent mode so that you can more easily examine the selected objects, their parts, and connections. Select one or more objects in the Main view, and then activate X-Ray Mode so that the selected objects stand out as a focal point in the model. Only the selected, opaque objects are visible through the semi-transparent objects. This command is available in both the Tablet and Classic viewing modes.

  1. Select one or more objects in the Main view.

  2. Select Tools > X-Ray Mode (Classic mode).

    You can also use SHIFT+X or click X-Ray Mode from the Common toolbar.

    The software displays the selected objects in an opaque manner and the remaining objects become semi-transparent. The example below shows a tank selected in X-Ray Mode.

  3. Use 3D navigation to move around the model and change view positioning.

  4. To turn off X-Ray Mode, clear Tools > X-Ray Mode.

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