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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)


Parentheses in the install location of software causes connection issues with 32-bit Primavera. If you have Smart Review installed in a path containing parentheses, Primavera and Smart Review cannot connect.

If you experience connection problems with Primavera, uninstall Smart Review and then re-install it to a different location that does not have parentheses in the path such as C:\SPR.


  • Before using the Smart Review ScheduleReview Project Planner P4 Plug-In, you must first install the Primavera SDK on your client machine and define the mapping between the ODBC data source name and the associated database name using the ODBC name Primavera P6 SDK, PrimaveraSDK, or Primavera SDK. For more information, see the Primavera Administrator's Guide for your version.

  • Only a single user at a time can access this Primavera SDK database.

  • To access the SDK, you must be added as a user with Administrator access rights, OR be assigned the global privilege, View All Global/Project Data via SDK.