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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Smart Review's Simulation and Visual Effects module brings life to your three dimensional model by showing the placement or removal of equipment, reviewing physical clearances, performing motion studies, and developing complex motion scenarios. This module works with the Construction module to visually simulate the construction process where you can review the simulation on- screen or create animations for output to video.

Key features:


Creates Key Frame and Display Set animations. Key frame animation shows eye point motion through your model. Start with an aerial view of your facility, for example, and then dive into it, moving along a path for a fly-through. Display set animations show a sequence of 3D images in motion. Both Key Frame and Display Set animations allow you to store actions so they can be replayed as required. Save your animation as either a static image or an .avi file at the resolution and size that you need.

Animation Sequencer

Schedules the start and end times of Display Set animations to reflect the schedules required in your project. You can also use the Sequencer to adjust the speed of the animation playback. You can run the Animation Sequencer with the Animation Player to see the locations and timing of objects as they are moved in your model.


Creates an image file of the Main view, application window, or entire screen. Can be used to create a high quality anti-aliased image of any resolution. Includes support for standard output types like .bmp and .jpg.

Snapshot Animation

Creates high quality animation sequences. Snapshot is compatible with the Construction module for Smart Review to record the simulation of the construction process. Snapshot can be used to create high quality anti-aliased images of any resolution. The module includes support for standard output types like .bmp and .jpg.

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