Edit 2-D drawn slab boundaries - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)
  1. Click Select on the vertical toolbar.

  2. In the Locate Filter, select Slabs.

  3. Select the slab to edit.

  4. On the ribbon, click Define Boundaries .

  5. On the ribbon, click Draw .

  6. In the 2-D environment, edit the boundary as needed by adding or removing graphic segments. The new segments need to be added or removed to/from an existing group depending on the number of SlabFreeEdgeAsm connections needed. In most of cases, there is no need to use the group modify command for slabs. Be sure to use the Bottom Up option when selecting segments. When you are finished, make sure the boundary is a closed shape.

    1. Addition of elements - The newly added elements are part of a new group (even if connected to another element belonging to another group). This operation creates an additional assembly connection for the new created group with the new elements. Using the group command serves to create one assembly connection.

    2. Inserting an element in the middle of a chain - Inserting an element creates a new assembly connection. Using the group modify command depends if you need a single or several assembly connections.

    3. Removing an element - You should not ungroup elements when dependent objects are attached to the boundaries. Removing an element from a boundary can be done by deleting the graphic element. Removing an element from a group (to create a different assembly connection) can be done by using the group modify command.

  7. Click Add or remove graphic from a group on the Change toolbar.

  8. Click Select Graphic Group on the ribbon.

  9. Select the original slab boundary.

  10. Click Select elements to add to group or remove from it on the ribbon.

  11. Select the new slab boundary segments that you just placed.

  12. Click Add on the ribbon.

  13. In the 2-D environment, click Close .

  14. Click Accept .

  15. Click Finish.

You can only edit the exterior boundaries of a slab using the Place Slab command. Openings in the slab should be edited with the Place Opening command.