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Specifies the VUE, SAT, or MicroStation DGN file that contains the geometry to import as the shape. This dialog box appears automatically when you click the Place Imported Shape from File command. You can navigate through the available file systems to locate the appropriate file. After you select a file and click OK, the Display Aspects dialog box appears so you can select the aspect(s) for the imported shape. The software returns you to the model to place the imported shape.

When you use Place Imported Shape from File to place an imported shape from a .sat, .dgn, or .vue file on the symbol share, Smart 3D remembers the relative path to the file. This lets you share design files between models during Copy/Paste operations, Model Data Reuse, Paste from Catalog, and Mirror Copy of imported shapes. If you import a shape file from a location other than the symbol share, Smart 3D remembers the full path to that file. In both cases, the full path displays on the Properties dialog box for the shapes. For more information, see Share imported shapes between models.

To save the relative path to imported shapes placed with earlier versions of Smart 3D, you must remodel those shapes.

You can also right-click the new shape object and select Properties to further define the object. Use Place Nozzle to add nozzles and/or ports to the object.

The Select Shape File dialog box is a standard Microsoft Windows dialog box. For information regarding how to use the dialog box, click the question mark in the upper right corner, and then click a control on the dialog box.