SDx 2019 Update 8 Improvements - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • The Drawing Reader and Drawing Reader Pre-Processor have both been improved.

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    We greatly improved the performance of the Drawing Reader and Drawing Reader Pre-Processor. Extracting data from drawings in DGN, DWG, IGR is faster than ever, even for large complex drawings. The documents are hotspotted, and tag-to-document relationships are created.

    The processing of native files will be much smoother, faster, and more reliable, greatly reducing the effort for processing AutoCAD and MicroStation files while providing reliable end results quickly.

    (CR-AM-141614, CR-AM-148125, CR-AM-149429, CR-AM-149429, CR-AM-150708)

  • The consolidated PDF generated in the work package or data book workflow now includes markups for PPM file formats. (CR-AM-145736, CR-AM-148091)

  • You can now attach additional files to a work package from your computer. For more information, see Prepare the content. (CR-AM-150384)

  • You can now search for an approver's name when creating a work package. (CR-AM-150501)

  • You can now use compression when sending or receiving a server batch POST request. For more information, see Compression in batch operations. (CR-AM-152012)

  • You can now specify a separate OAuth Logout Redirect URL path to where the users are redirected after logout. For more information, see Web Client Site Settings node. (CR-AM-153547, CR-AM-150973)

  • The IsFTRAvailable API procedure was updated so that it is no longer conditional. (CR-AM-151329)

  • The date control has been improved, so it's now easier to hop through years to select a date. (CR-AM-140662)

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    We redesigned our calendar control to make it faster and easier to navigate back and forth through time.

    Though our new control isn't exactly a time machine, it does help you hop through years on a calendar in a few short clicks. Instead of having to click through every year, you can easily select a year from a list. Plus, we added some extra validation so that only valid dates can be selected.

    Sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference - this small redesign helps save you time and effort in your daily work.

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