SDx 2019 Update 4 Fixes - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • DM-151641 Licenses are not released when logging out of Web Client in SDx 2019 Update 4

  • CR-83056 SMTP Email Server Authentication from SPF Server Manager

  • CR-150176 Upgrade Wizard: The Process cannot access the file SQLTrace.txt

  • TR-147619 Office Reader from Extract Content is not working anymore

  • TR-147954 Problems with documents + multiple revisions with signed-off status using MDT

  • TR-148812 SPFLoaderDirPoll fails with password in config file

  • TR-148864 SPFNSecurity.xlsm provided with SDX samples is not modified as per new SDX schema

  • TR-149876 Vertical scroll bar is not present on the review consolidation page

  • TR-148922 Saved Query for newly created query methods is not displayed

  • TR-148953 Reports Feature Set Does Not Display BI-Reports When Related

  • TR-149038 NULL Entry On The Default Revise Value Is Not Valid

  • TR-149152 List Edit in the Web Client Fails On Optional Interfaces

  • TR-149538 Application hangs when loading more than 500+ rows in inverted csv

  • TR-150022 Validation hangs when loading more than 350+ rows in standard csv format.

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