SDx Update 18 Improvements - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
  • You can now specify the location of the Brava! stamps (stamps.json) or symbols (symbols.json) libraries when creating or updating a Web Client site. For details, see Create a Web Client site from the command line or Update a Web Client site from the command line. (CR-AM-159111)

  • You can now configure an external authorization server when creating a new Web Client site. For details, see Create a Web Client site. (CR-AM-161549)

  • The /sitebackuppath optional argument has been enabled for use with the /lmupdate and /updatesdasite arguments in the command line implementation of SPFServerManager.exe. The argument copies the contents of the site to a .zip file that is saved to the specified path. See Server Manager command line syntax and arguments for information about these and other arguments. (CR-AM-161595)

  • The /nolog argument can now be used with the command line implementation of SPFServerManager.exe to suppress the creation of a log file during a command line operation. For more information, see Suppress log file generation. (CR-AM-162293)

  • As of this Update release, when a Web Client site is updated, the existing Stamps and Symbols folders will not be be overwritten. For example, \SPFWebClient_Sites\[Site]\viewers\resources\symbols\ and \SPFWebClient_Sites\[Site]\viewers\resources\stamps\ will not be overwritten with any content from the installation folder (for example, \SDA\SDAClient\viewers\resources\). For information about updating a Web Client site, see Update a Web Client site. (CR-AM-162097)

  • When you upload the files to the Web Client, you can now filter or sort the files to easily compare the loaded files against the source set of files. For more information, see Filter or sort the results. (CR-AM-150506)

  • The Manage Markup Layers page now includes markups created on 3D models. (CR-AM-146722)

  • Merged PDF renditions now include markups created on 3D models. (CR-AM-146723)

  • PDF renditions are now generated for 3D models attached to documents when creating technical queries, actions, and work packages. (CR-AM-163079)

  • You can now expand widgets displayed in an InsightView. For more information, see Using an InsightView. (CR-AM-162115)

  • There are now additional templates available to create an InsightView. (CR-AM-163322)

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