SDx 2019 Update 9 Fixes - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • TR-AM-146902 User can't extract data which is grouped together from PID drawing

  • TR-AM-146922 Drawing Preprocessor fails to process 3 lines rule

  • TR-AM-151478 Drawing processing fails if Tag pattern matches text in symbol

  • TR-AM-151716 Error when extracting data from file in Web Client or DTC

  • TR-AM-152677 Validation Report shows incorrect information.

  • TR-AM-152710 Data Capture Inconsistency report is not showing inconsistent values.

  • TR-AM-153174 Laser Scan Image is not getting loaded completely while viewing in Chrome.

  • TR-AM-153382 Extract Content fails with error message.

  • TR-AM-153810 Specific drawing is always failing to be processed by the drawing Pre-Processor

  • CR-AM-152675 Upgrade Wizard should not present CMF options on a SDx site

  • TR-AM-148563 "Next" & "Previous" buttons are cut off on the FTR Search screen in wc

  • TR-AM-150200 Edgedef Fiter !=* Doesn't Work in WC

  • TR-AM-150411 Specific drawing displays in Web Client with overlapping text

  • TR-AM-150697 Leading unicode u+3000 space causes file not found error

  • TR-AM-152192 Error you cannot update the DefUID of an existing relationship RelUID

  • TR-AM-152524 Unable to view hoses in PID drawings when viewed in Webclient

  • TR-AM-152576 Multiple Errors when closing the details window in WebClient under 3D view.

  • TR-AM-152666 ColumnSet priority is not being followed for Advanced Search in WebClient

  • TR-AM-152672 Pipeline is missing when viewing the vecz in Webclient

  • TR-AM-152717 Missing lines from titleblock and border in WebClient

  • TR-AM-152960 Feature sets cannot be hidden in Web Client

  • TR-AM-152903 Task reassignment UI shows previously assigned user in the Assignee box

  • TR-AM-152947 Can not perform action from To Do list Actions menu

  • TR-AM-153155 YMD Display Item Blanks Out when the 'enter' Key is pressed

  • TR-AM-153532 'See all Notifications' in the WC throws an error if Notifications are over 1000

  • TR-AM-153581 Document title is not getting updated in web client

  • TR-AM-153596 FTR preview with specific search criteria is giving rc=1 error

  • TR-AM-153872 Error while trying to create Documents

  • TR-AM-153926 Webpage restarts intermittently when UDP port 137 is not open

  • DM-AM-155455 Plant form has section that is ordered/named incorrectly

  • DM-AM-155493 Exception on ToDo list page when auto switching config tabs

  • DM-AM-155665 Overdue tasks count being multiplied when in project

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