SDx 2019 Update 5 Fixes - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • TR-AM-149540 Object reference error while resolving the references files.

  • TR-AM-151047 Unable to select Change Request Classification when Creating Change Requests

  • TR-AM-145378 To Do list filtering does not work when role is removed.

  • TR-AM-147753 Column Item Does Not Update as Expected When Revising in WC

  • TR-AM-149332 Advanced search for certain classification is throwing error in WebClient.

  • TR-AM-149829 Web Client Advanced Search Criteria 'OR' Functionality

  • CR-AM-149859 API v3 - Batch request stops remaining operations if one change set fails

  • TR-AM-149963 Workflow is getting stuck while bypassing large number of steps.

  • TR-AM-150341 Revising documents that have relationship to another object in Web Client fails

  • TR-AM-150882 PEN Testing: Internal SPF sites allow directory listing

  • DM-AM-151783 Web Client: Incorrect Change Scope Prompt

  • DM-AM-151784 Web Client: Disallowed from Rel Builder in specific forms case

  • DM-AM-151988 API v3 - (6.1.26) C9 SDK and OData libraries - IWA FIX 10.0.5.x

  • CR-AM-148059 API v3 - Tool needs to be able to publish existing relationship to SPF Server

  • CR-AM-149347 Implement the required schema for WF and Mapping template Upgrade process

  • CR-AM-149349 Implement the required Code changes for WF and Mapping template Upgrade process

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