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HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • The QA Review configuration has been improved to make it easier and more informative. For more information, see Configure review plans.(CR-AM-144660, CR-AM-144759, CR-AM-146441, DI-AM-148373, CR-AM-150115)

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    Here's how we improved the QA Review process:

    • The plant configuration form has been updated, so the review type setting is in a more prominent location, so you can more easily decide to set up a review by matrix or review plan.

    • The QA review workflow has been enhanced. The contractor will no longer receive an error message on submitting a set of documents when the review matrix or review plans have not been configured correctly. Now, the responsible organization will be informed. The documents do not have to be re-submitted and the contractor will not have any delay in his submittal activities.

    • The Document Controller has been given additional access rights to define or change the matrix that need to be used for a contract.

  • Action pins have been enhanced to determine the best time to either cancel or terminate the pin. For more information, see Cancel an action and Terminate an action. (CR-AM-150491, CR-AM-150492)

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    • You can only cancel issued actions. When the action has been sent to a recipient, the action cannot be terminated and should be canceled.

    • The cancelation workflow has been updated with an acknowledgment step. This step informs both the creator and the recipient of the action about the cancelation.A canceled action is marked in the system, can be queried, and does not disappear from the system.

    • You can terminate reserved or draft rejected actions. The action pin can only be terminated when the action has not been completed or sent to the recipient. The cancel option has been removed in this phase of the action pin work process.

  • You can now select one or more signed off documents and create a transmittal from the Actions menu of the documents. (CR-AM-149002, CR-AM-149039, CR-AM-142372)

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    Creating transmittals is more efficient than ever:

    • You can now quickly and easily create a new transmittal from a selection of documents, and the new transmittal is created with the selected documents related.

    • Additional documents can be added using the Prepare Content workflow step, or the step can immediately be completed and the transmittal can be sent.

    • You'll now need to define the recipient organization of the transmittal as the originating or collaborating organization on the documents of the transmittal.

  • Property values for custom form sections on the Create Markup File form are now saved. You can update these values later using the Update form. For more information, see View, print, mark up, and navigate files. (CR-AM-136980)

  • You must now restrict access to create, read, modify, and delete (CRUD) operations using access group relationships instead of API Services security restrictions in from the Server Manager. For more information, see Restricting user and role access to CRUD operations. (CR-AM-140384, DI-AM-147840)

  • We're trying to make things a little easier for you. Now, if you run into issues while upgrading a system, all of the log files for the Upgrade Wizard go a single location. (CR-AM-144108)

  • When you select Manage Column Items For Edit, any unit of measurement (UOM) entered in the DefaultUOM column is now honored in both List Edit and dynamic create forms in the Web Client. For more information, see Manage column items for edit. (CR-AM-148473)

  • Custom menu extensions and toolbar settings created by product modules are now saved by Server Manager in the CustomMenus folder and are preserved after upgrade. (CR-AM-150080)

  • We've done a little rearranging in the SDx documentation to help you find information faster. Administration documentation has now been separated into its own deliverable here - Introduction to administration and configuration. And, information to help users can be found here - How do I use SDx?

    If you saved links or boomarks to SDx content before Update 5, those links might not work anymore. We're sorry about that. Please re-save those links.

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