SDx 2019 Update 11 Improvements - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • You can now select to create chapters and relate items to a data book in the Manage Data Book page. For more information, see Manage data books. (CR-AM-154326, CR-AM-154327, CR-AM-156316)

  • On the User Management page, only roles that are related to your license are now displayed. For more information about which roles are available with each license, see the HxGN SDx Roles matrix. (CR-AM-156023)

  • You can now create a transmittal and associate relevant documents in a single window. For more information, see Create a transmittal. (CR-AM-150784, CR-AM-155465, CR-AM-155467)

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    Documents can be related to transmittals at the moment the transmittal is created, making the transmittal process more efficient and easier to use.

    When the documents have been added to the transmittal, the activity can be finished and the transmittal will immediately been completed or saved as draft, which allows later addition of more documents. The additional documents can be added at a later time using the Prepare Content step in the To Do list.

  • Data Validator jobs are now categorized under the Loader status filter in the Set Active Scope dialog box in the Desktop Client. Previously, these jobs appeared under the Active status filter. (CR-AM-135656)

  • You can now create a Web API services call to view the Open API specification (OAS) documents. For more information, see Viewing Open API specification documents. (CR-AM-146818)

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