SDx 2019 - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)

  • If you have HxGN SDx® Projects 2018 R1 and want to upgrade to SDx Projects 2019 or higher, you must migrate your environment. If you want to use SDx Operations 2019 with SDx Projects 2019, you must migrate. Contact your project team or Hexagon Support for more information. HxGN SDx® Projects 2018 R1 is formerly known as Smart Digital Asset | Collaboration.

  • HxGN SDx Projects 2018 R1 cannot be upgraded using either the SDx 2019 or SmartPlant Foundation 2019 upgrade process.

  • Viewing performance might be degraded when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with versions prior to 2019 Update 9. With 2019 Update 9 and later, viewing of Hexagon PPM format files is not supported using Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will need to use Google Chrome. For more information, see Important news about the Web Client and Internet Explorer.

  • HxGN SDx is licensed with Intergraph Smart Licensing 2019 client software.

  • Sample data and utilities can be found on Smart Support. For more information, see Find sample data on Smart Support.

  • For a HxGN SDx installation, the SDx database dump file is delivered instead of the SPFADW dump file. (DI-AM-135673)